Why Most People Fail to Lose Weight, Despite It’s Easy – Part 1

Why Most People Fail to Lose Weight, Despite It’s Easy – Part 1

If you are working towards short-term health goals or looking in a certain fancy way, it will be hard to shed weight in a way that is long-lasting. Weight loss is an arduous journey, but finding ideas to keep oneself motivated can help.

One way is to find more reasons to be healthy. Condition yourself in the way of being inclined towards a healthy lifestyle and exercise. Thinking about the benefits of exercise can reinforce our interest in it, such as increased energy level, feeling lightened, better moods, a constructive and positive approach towards things, an improved night’s sleep are a few.

Visualizing and keeping a mental image of the body shape you would like to attain after some time of exercising, graphically savoring that mental picture every now and then is the key to staying committed to regular exercise. 

Consistent Workouts

Being persistent in workouts is an indispensable step in the journey of weight loss. If you dont work out consistently enough, it is hard to lose weight. We need to set up a reasonable workout schedule which we execute daily, and in which we stretch ourselves to exercise effortfully and vigorously. If it is something you like and find your interest in, you are likely to continue in the long run. 

It implies eliminating those activities which are unhealthy and taxing for one’s health from one’s routine and building a program revolving around what is good for our flexibility and fitness, even if it doesn’t exactly follow the exercise guidelines. One should make a conscious effort to be physically active and hard-working on a regular basis to ward off the feeling of lethargy. 

Your Diet

Creatively altering recipes and changing the way we cook food and eat is another part of a skincare regimen which we should abide by for long-lasting weight loss. Modifying one’s diet by replacing unhealthy food with healthier dishes and persevering while doing so for a long time can significantly reinforce our weight loss strategy.

When we take initiative to understand portion sizes and the number of calories in our food, it is a conscious choice to eat mindfully, rather than mindless consumption. If we make a conscious effort to eat truly healthy, nutritious food for a long, uninterrupted stretch of time, it is a highly relevant step in the weight loss process. It really narrows down to having unflinching willpower to resist temptation and upright honesty to not commit the sins of gluttony while simultaneously figuring out how to minimalize the calories we are taking in each day.

Your Lifestyle

If you want a life that sustains your health and spirits in the long run, you have to be willing to change how you live or in other words, be flexible. When a change in a flawed lifestyle is brought out gradually, it makes one’s health flourish in a more enduring sense. It’s about adjusting to new ways of doing things. Some elements that we need to eradicate from our daily routine for a healthier lifestyle are as follows :

Break Unhealthy Daily Routines  

Watching T.V. and sitting and working before the laptop for a large number of hours at a stretch can cause obesity. Say No to a couch-potato lifestyle as it is not conducive to weight loss. It is advisable to rise early and do warming-up exercises or go for a brisk walk in a park or perform Yoga for an hour in the wee hours of the morning. No matter how fast-paced our lives are, sparing some time for our health is revitalizing in the long term.

Observe How You Spend Your Free Time

We might need to explore creative ways to spend our leisure time so that we can add more physical movement to certain parts of our schedule. In an age where there is nothing more mainstream than digital media being a favorite pastime of the people, binge-eating and watching web series for an unreasonably long stretch on the weekend can bring one’s obesity to a standstill and eventually hamper weight loss. Lack of physical activity and such aforementioned habits can be hazardous to health.

No matter how dedicated and health-savvy we may be, being lured by something palatable and flavorsome is a common human tendency. Junk foods such as burgers, french fries, veg puff, samosa, fried potato chips, wafers, processed and packaged foods, aerated drinks, foods that contain artificial sweeteners, chemicals, and preservatives, street food delicacies etcetera are unsuitable when placed in the kitchen of a person who is in the pursuit of a disciplined diet. People who are addicted to fast food consume it in a similar way as drug addicts use drugs. If one has strong food cravings or addiction, then simply eating less or changing one’s diet can seem downright impossible. Such a condition needs the intervention of professional help as it jeopardizes the very idea of fitness.