Best Chemical Peel Treatment in Jaipur

skinaa Clinic has successfully treated more than a 1000 melasma patients with chemical peeling.

Chemical Peel For Pigmentation in Jaipur

Chemical peel treatment in Jaipur at skinaa Clinic is an advanced peel treatment that helps you get rid of dull-looking skin & spots.

When the skin gets exposed to the sun it burns and turns dead. If the dead skin doesn’t get replaced by a new one, dark patches can be observed in certain parts of the skin. These patches are called hyperpigmentation or melasma. Chemical peeling is a verified and effective procedure to get rid of the hyperpigmentation problem. A chemical peel is made of specific acids that remove the external dead skin (Epidermis) and reduce the pigmentation over time.

At skinaa, a dermatologist will check your skin and determine which kind of chemical peel will be best suited. Taking necessary precautions such as staying away from the sun after a few days of the treatment and taking the prescribed medicines and lotions will help your skin heal faster and bring better results. If a patient is suffering from age spots, melasma, sun damage, or blotchy skin, chemical peeling is the best treatment she has.

What is the Process of Chemical Peel Treatment?

Considering the amazing effects of the chemical peel treatment at skinaa Clinic Jaipur, its procedure is reasonably very simple. First, the select peel is applied on the part of the skin affected by the hyperpigmentation problem. The chemical peel causes the dead skin to blister and to leave the skin surface gradually. The new skin is usually very smooth, soft, and without too many wrinkles.


The process removes the dead skin to reveal new, youthful skin.

Improved Look

It improves the skin texture, lending it a bright and spotless look.


The process lasts no more than 30 minutes to an hour.


The chemical peel treatment at skinaa is very affordable.


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FAQ (Chemical Peeling Treatment)

Which is the Best Skin Clinic Near Me for Chemical Peeling Treatment?

Ans: Without a doubt, skinaa Clinic is Jaipur's best chemical peeling skin clinic. We are located in Vaishali Nagar.

What Would be the cost of Chemical Peel Treatment?

Ans: At skinaa, the cost of chemical peel treatment is very reasonable. Starting from Rs. 1999, it depends on which part of the body you want the treatment. We have done thousands of successful peeling procedures for melasma so far.

Which Kinds of Peels Do skinaa Clinic Offers?

Ans: We have a range of peels available including mandelic peel, glycolic peel, party peel, combination peel, and many more.

What Can I Treat through the Chemical Peel Treatment?

Ans: Chemical peel treatment is beneficial in many kinds of skin problems such as wrinkles, facial scarring, age spots, sun damage spots, lines around the mouth and under the eyes, dark patches, freckles, dark skin, and lines caused due to pregnancy.

See the Improvement in Our Patients After Treatment

These are real and genuine before and after pictures of our patients. No matter the problem,
their conditions were significantly improved.


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