White Spots / Vitiligo - Know About Disease, Treatments, & Cost in Jaipur

Best White Spots (Vitiligo) Treatment in Jaipur: An Overview

White spots on the body, also known as ‘Vitiligo’ is a chronic health problem in which skin loses its original colour. Due to that, the specific parts of the skin begin to appear milky-white. The exact reasons for vitiligo are unknown. The body’s own immune system when it mistakenly starts to destroy the body’s pigment cells taking them as threats. It can also be hereditary. In dark-skinned people, it appears more and becomes a cause of low self-confidence in public. Is the treatment of white patches on the skin possible? Yes of course. At Skinaa Clinic, we follow medical science’s advanced treatments which are given below:

Best Vitiligo Treatment in Jaipur Offered at Skinaa :-

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Why is it Important to Visit a Dermatologist for a Vitiligo?

One of the biggest mistakes people often make is visiting a non-professional, neem-hakim, or Vedh without any proven qualification. Many of these pseudo-doctors follow their family’s traditional treatments for all patients without clearly examining the root of the problem. This turns out as a waste of time and money. Also, the symptoms of the problem may highly aggravate. Visiting a best dermatologist for white spots treatment in Jaipur, guarantees no-risk, and definite treatment.

More Info on Vitiligo Treatment at Skinaa Clinic

At Skinaa Clinic, we use a number of advanced medical treatments to cure white spots problem. Considering the treatment & its results can vary from patient to patients, our dermatologist may choose one of the following treatments after evaluating your condition:

More Info on White Spots / Vitiligo Solution at Skinaa Clinic

Medical Treatment

In some cases, if the vitiligo keeps spreading on the skin i.e. is unstable, then a medical treatment is needed. At Skinaa, we provide medication to stabilize unstable vitiligo.

Micro Pigmentation

In this treatment, we carefully analyze the actual skin colour of the person and extract the matching coloured pigment granules from the machine. These small pigment granules are now applied below the epidermis, also known as the outmost layer of the Skin.


Punch-Grafting for Vitiligo is a small surgical procedure in which healthy pigment cells (melanocytes) are taken from another part of the body and transplanted on the vitiligo-affected part. After a few days, the transplanted cells start to multiply and boosts pigmentation production.

PUVA or Excimer Laser

This treatment has a higher success ratio. In PUVA, the vitiligo-affected skin of a patient is brought to the exposure of PUVA rays. It usually takes 2-3 sittings a week and results start to appear in two or three months.

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