Wart Removal Treatment in Dungarpur

Skinaa Clinic Offers Very Effective Laser Treatment for warts in Dungarpur, Caused by HPV Virus

Laser Wart Removal in Dungarpur: About, Treatment, Cost & FAQ

Even though warts are not harmful, there’s no harm in removing them to keep them from making a bad mark in your beauty, right? Take wart removal treatment in Dungarpur now!

About Warts

Warts are not common skin growth. They are caused by HPV (Human Papillomavirus) and can appear on any part of a person’s body. One can easily distinguish them from moles by analyzing their color, texture, and other symptoms. A wart is usually a mix of skin color and gray and its texture is usually very uneven. Unlike moles, warts are a disease and they are contagious. That means, it can quickly spread to other areas of your body and to even one of your family members.

What is the best Treatment for Warts in Dungarpur?

One of the best treatments in Dungarpur for warts is a laser. In this technique, the technician uses a laser to burn the roots of the wart and then pulling it out of your skin completely. The laser destroys the roots of the wart which kills all the viruses and the possibility of regrowth becomes zero.

Types of Warts

Common Warts: They are called common warts because people get them very often. They can appear on your forehead, scalp, finger joints, around nails, and on the neck as well. They vary in size. Their texture is rough and bumpy. They can be distinguished by moles because moles do not itch or spread to other areas.

Plantar Warts: Plantar warts are the second common type of warts that usually occur in the soles of a person’s feet. Initially, they are small and don’t cause any pain. However, they increase with time, and soon the person will have difficulty in walking or running. It feels like there’s a pebble under your feet which is causing pain.

Flat Warts: Flat warts are tiny than plantar or common warts. They are also smoother but grow very fast and in a larger number.


The Process of Wart Removal is Very Fast. Takes only 30 Mins.


We Apply Anesthesia so the Patient Won’t Feel any Pain.

100% Effective

Laser Destroys the Roots of the Wart so It Doesn’t Come Back.

Quick Healing

The Treated Area Heals Very Quickly After the Treatment.

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FAQs (Laser Wart Removal)

How Successful is laser wart Treatment in Dungarpur?

Skinaa Clinic has treated more than 1500+ patients with mole and warts. When it comes to the most satisfied patients and successful results in Dungarpur, Skinaa Clinic secures its place on the top of the pile.

What is the After Care Instruction for this Treatment?

It usually depends on the type of wart. In the case of common warts, the patient can resume work from the next day. In the case of a plantar wart in the sole, the patient needs to take a rest for at least a week to let the wart heal.

Does Laser Wart Removal Treatment Hurt?

No, it does not hurt. You won’t feel any pain as local anesthesia is applied.

How Many Sessions I would Need to Remove the Wart Completely?

Only one session is required. It takes no more than 20 mins for each wart.

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