Laser Hair Removal Treatments in Jodhpur

We offer Diode and IPL laser hair removal treatments. Both are very effective to get rid of unwanted hair.

Laser Hair Removal Treatment Available in Jodhpur

Skinaa Clinic has treated thousands of patients who were either not happy with their unwanted hair or were looking to get rid of them from some specific body parts. Here are the laser hair reduction treatments we provide:

Hair Removal in Jodhpur with Diode Laser – Cost, Treatment & FAQ

A diva or handsome look is defined by a sheeny, smooth, & flawless skin that can only be achieved after a Diode laser hair removal treatment in Jodhpur at Skinaa. Our treatment is the most cost-effective laser hair removal treatment in entire Jodhpur.

How Diode Laser Works?

In the Diode Laser Treatment for Hair Removal technique, a beam of laser falls upon the hair follicles and the heat generated due to it, destroys the follicle. As a result, further growth of hair is eliminated. 

The easy way to understand the working of laser treatment to remove hair is that the wavelength emitted from the laser targets only a single color. And mostly, the black color. The roots of our hair follicle is made of melanin. The color of melanin is black. The laser targets the melanin i.e. hair follicles. It heats the follicle and destroys it. As a result, the growth of hair is halted.

IPL Hair Removal in Jodhpur - Cost, Treatment & FAQ

As appears from the name, IPL or Intense Pulsed Light treatment for hair removal work by reducing the hair growth in the chosen area by sending pulses of light. It causes the hair in the area to go weak and eventually fall down while restricting any future growth. Therefore, you get a clean, smooth, hair-free, and shiny skin after the specified number of sessions of IPL

How Does IPL Laser Hair Removal Treatment Work?

IPL is very identical to a core laser hair removal treatment. However, instead of focusing on one wavelength, lights of multiple wavelengths are release from the IPL laser. Therefore, this technology works on a scattered pattern and hence, it does not cause any problems to the top layer of the patient’s skin.

Hair follicles contain a high density of melanin. And when the scattered light reaches the melanin whether, on the hair follicle or the freckles on the skin, it heats them up and ultimately destroys them. Therefore, it stops the growth of hair.

High Success Rate

Skinaa Clinic Almost Have a 100% LHR Success Rate


During the Treatment, You Won’t Feel Any Pain

No Side Effects

The Side Effects of the Diode Laser is Almost Zero

Complications Free

There Would Not Be Any Complications of This Treatment in Future

Have a Skin or Hair Problem?


What is Laser Hair Removal Treatment Cost in Jodhpur?

The cost depends on the area on which treatment is needed. For example, laser hair removal cost will be lower for beard area than the chest area. The permanent hair removal treatment is also known as permanent hair reduction. That means the reduction (the density & the thickness) of hair will be permanent. For example, we all have facial hair but they are so thin and light that we don’t see them.

Are There Any Side Effects of Laser Hair Removal?

No there are no side effects of this treatment. Yes, you might experience a little pain during the LHR procedure but that will be minimal.

How Many LHR Patients have You Treated So Far in Jodhpur?

We have treated more than 1000 LHR patients.

Will My Hair Be Removed Permanently?

Usually, we call this technique permanent hair reduction. That suggests the density and the thickness of the hair will be reduced. After a few sessions, most of the hair will be gone and the rest will be so thin and colorless that they will match the surrounding hair.

How Many Sessions I would Need to be Treated Completely?

A patient usually needs 5 to 7 sessions of IPL Laser hair reduction treatment for a significant result.

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