Mole Removal Treatment in Pratap Nagar

Moles are Common Skin Growths. Get Rid of them with Skinaa’s Pain-Free Laser Treatment

Laser Mole Removal in Pratap Nagar: Treatment, About Condition, Cost Cost & FAQ

Don’t let moles steal away your amazing attractiveness. Take mole removal treatment from Skinaa Clinic, Pratap Nagar. Skinaa Clinic Offers Very Effective Laser Treatment for Mole Removal in Pratap Nagar.

About Moles

Moles are not a disease. They are just common Skin growths. However, they mess up with one’s looks. You can get rid of them by taking the Laser Mole Removal Treatment from Skinaa Clinic:

Many people do not know that moles are just common skin growths. Moles can appear on the face or other parts of the body. Sometimes, multiple moles on someone’s face appear, grow larger, and even some thick hair can be seen growing from them. This type of moles are aesthetically unpleasant and people want to get rid of them as soon as possible. The good news is, the moles can be treated. There are more than 50 types of warts tumors. And one of the best ways to treat moles is through laser surgery. In laser surgery, the laser technician uses a specific type of laser to remove the mole from its roots.

Skinaa Clinic in Pratap Nagar is well-known for providing very advanced and effective laser mole removal treatment in Pratap Nagar by using a laser to penetrate and burn through the inner surface of a mole. The same process is followed as an effective wart-removal treatment as well.

More Info About Moles

Some moles are present from our births. These moles are called Congenital Nevi. Though, these kinds of moles are common, they usually occur in one in 100 people. If your mole is growing too large, you should get it checked with an experienced dermatologist. Another type of mole is Dysplastic Nevi that are very large in size. Their color is dark brown and they are uneven.

Sometimes, moles can grow in cancer. However, the possibilities of this are very thin. If you detect that one or some of your moles are showing some unusual behavior such as growing in size continuously, then a doctor’s check-up is the first step you should take. The laser treatment is the best way to remove a mole from its very roots.


The Process of Mole Removal is Very Quick

No Pain

Anesthesia is Applied to the Affected Area to Minimize the Pain


Unlike Remedial Treatment, Laser Surgery is Side-Effects Free

No Damage

Internal Tissues are Not Damaged in this Process

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FAQs (Laser Mole Removal)

How My Moles will Be Treated in Pratap Nagar?

In Pratap Nagar, we have treated a great many numbers of patients with our advanced laser technology which burns the roots of the moles to remove them from your skin.

Is There Any Risk in Laser Mole Removal Treatment?

Generally, the mole removal procedure is risk-free. The treated area needs to be healed for a few days. Your dermatologist will prescribe some ointments, medicines, and instructions.

Does Laser Wart Removal Treatment Hurt?

No, it does not hurt. You won’t feel any pain as local anesthesia is applied.

How Many Sessions I would Need to Remove the Mole Completely?

Only one session is required. It takes no more than 20 mins for each Mole.

Can My Mole Regrow?

In 99% of cases, the mole does not regrow as we remove it from its root with the help of a laser. Recurrences happen in cases when the mole has been removed wrongly. At Skinaa, we analyze your mole and then apply the right procedure to minimize the recurrence time.

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