Botox Anti Ageing Treatment in Jaipur

Cheers to a youthful appearance through Botox Anti Aging Treatment !!

Wrinkles Treatment in Jaipur

Why live with those wrinkles when the Botox Treatment is here to make you look way younger.

Wrinkles are one of the most notable signs of ageing. Botox is used in cosmetic procedures to temporarily reduce facial wrinkles. The Botulinum is injected in extremely small doses. The powder is first diluted in saline and is directly injected into the neuromuscular tissue. The Botulinum toxin takes 24-72 hours to take effect. This also reflects the time required for the synaptosomal process to be disrupted.

The Botulinum toxin works by preventing the signals from the nerve cells to reach the muscles. This effectively leaves the muscles from contracting, which causes them to paralyse. In order to contract the muscles, the nerves release the chemical acetylcholine at the meeting point of the nerve endings and the muscle cells. The release of acetylcholine is restricted once the Botulinum toxin is released. This results in preventing the muscle cells from contracting. The muscles become less stiff as the effect of the toxin causes the abnormal muscle contraction to reduce. To improve the appearance of moderate to severe frown lines and crow’s feet lines, fine lines on the forehead, neck and around the mouth, Botox is the only approved treatment at Skinaa Clinic, the best dermatology hospital in Jaipur.

Botox Injections: What Kind Of Wrinkle Problems It Can Treat?

Botox treatment is effective for a number of wrinkles. If you have forehead lines, crow’s feed, or frown lines, this treatment can significantly reduce them. It can even prevent them from happening in the future. However, if you are suffering from neckbands, bunny lines, or a droopy smile, botox injections should be for you.

Can Botox Improve My Facial Features?

Yes, definitely. Sometimes our eyebrows sag as we age. The botox treatment can lift those sagging brows. Apart from that, the treatment can significantly reduce jaw and nasal contouring. Moreover, patients suffering from a gummy smile can count on this treatment. If the length of your chin is very small, botox therapy can increase it.


It is a safe and reliable treatment.

Results par excellence

It gives significant results in improving the facial aesthetics.

Youthful Appearance

It makes one experience flawless skin without surgery.


The technique doesn’t weigh heavy on the patient’s pocket.

Have a Skin or Hair Problem?

FAQs (Botox Therapy for Wrinkles)

How Many Days Does it Take to Show Results?

Your results will begin to appear in a week. You will notice that you are no longer seeing those wrinkly lines or that sagging skin. In a span of just two to three weeks, your results will be fully noticeable.

How does Botox treatment take place?

First, the technician or dermatologist will clean the area of treatment. Later, the muscles that are causing the wrinkles will be marked with a marker. Now, the botox will be injected into the marked part.

How Much Time Does this Procedure Take?

The botox therapy is pretty fast. The complete procedure will be done in less than half an hour.

What Are the Aftercare Instructions for Botox Patients?

You shouldn’t touch the treated area for at least 6 hours after the treatment. Neither you should rub it or lie down on it. For at least 6 hours to 1 day, your dermatologist might suggest you not to carry out any exercise or intense physical activity. The patient should avoid alcohol and painkillers as well.

See the Improvement in Our Patients After Treatment

These are real and genuine before and after pictures of our patients. No matter the problem, their conditions were significantly improved.


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