Earlobe Repair in Jaipur

With the Most Advanced Laser Earlobe Repair Technique, You Can Get a Pain-Free and Stitch-Free Treatment for Your Damaged Earlobe

Suture-Free Laser Earlobe Repair in Jaipur

A beautiful earlobe will redefine your look. Go for Laser Earlobe Repair treatment in Jaipur at Skinaa Clinic.

The Pierced earlobes hole can widen over time or tear through in two parts due to trauma or prolonged use of heavy earrings. First, it does not look good, and second, it may sometimes cause mild to severe pain. Earlier, a stitching treatment was used to cure damaged earlobe. Nowadays, you can get a pain-free and suture-free laser treatment to repair earlobes. The complete process of stitch-free repairing takes no more than one hour for each earlobe. Apart from that, it is really cost-effective.
One good thing about this treatment is, it does not have any side-effects and hence, is risk-free. You would be advised to keep the treated area away from water for 24 hours. Also, you may find a strange stiffness in the repaired earlobe for a week or so. After that, it will go away.


Earlobe Sculpting Treatment

Due to heavy earrings or some other reasons, the earlobes lost their beautiful shape and become long and droopy. The earlobe sculpting treatment involves revoking the long-lost allure and youthfulness of the earlobe by getting them into the actual size.

Earring Hole Repair

In this procedure, the hole of the earlobe is repaired. First, local anesthesia is applied to the site that makes the whole process really painless. Then with laser and some surgical adhesive, the hole is repaired.


The treatment of ear lobe repair is usually very low cost

One Session Only

You Would Be Treated in Only One Session for Each Earlobe

Best Results

With Our Laser Treatment, Great Results are Assured

No Pain

Laser Earlobe Repair Does Not Cause Any Pain

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FAQs (Laser Tattoo Removal)

How Successful is This Treatment?

Skinaa Clinic has treated more than 1500+ earlobe patients through the laser technique. When it comes to the most satisfied patients and successful results, we stand on the top.

What is the After Care Instruction for this Treatment?

The patient needs to keep the treated area away from the water for 10 days and should strictly follow all the instructions and prescriptions given by the dermatologist.

Does Laser Earlobe Repair Treatment Hurt?

No, it does not hurt even a little bit. You won’t feel any pain as local anesthesia is applied.

How Many Sessions I would Need to Repair Earlobe Completely?

Only one session is required. It takes no more than 30 mins for each ear.

See the Improvement in Our Patients After Treatment

These are real and genuine before and after pictures of our patients. No matter the problem, their conditions were significantly improved.


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