Excimer Laser Treatment for Vitiligo in Jaipur

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Exceimer Laser for White Spots

When Excimer Laser Treatment for Vitiligo Scars is effective, why suffer from shame?

Vitiligo is a condition in which the skin turns white due to the loss of pigment from the melanocytes, cells that produce the pigment melanin that gives the skin colour. In vitiligo, the melanocytes are destroyed, leaving depigmented patches of skin. Excimer Laser is a highly focused beam of UVB light. Dermatologists focus the laser directly on the lightened areas of skin using a wand-like device. The UVB light may stimulate repigmentation in the skin, restoring colour to white patches.

Dermatologists use this effective form of light therapy to minimize the appearance of depigmented patches of skin caused by vitiligo. This procedure is painless and can be administered in a doctor’s office in less than half an hour. Multiple sessions are usually required to achieve the desired results and dermatologists may suggest twice-weekly sessions for four to six months before determining whether further treatment is required. It is safe for people for all ages and skin tones. Drop in at Skinaa Clinic, the best clinic in town for Excimer Laser Treatment for Vitiligo scars

More Info About Vitiligo Treatment by Excimer Laser

Only a vitiligo patient can explain the amount of depression he/she has accumulated just because of a few white spots on his face, neck, or other parts of the body. Medically, vitiligo is nothing to worry about as its impact is limited to a person’s look. It does not cause any other harmful effects. However, the aesthetic impact turns into a psychological impact in no time when something is not supported by the public. There are usually two types of vitiligo – Stable and Unstable. And the excimer laser treatment shows great results in both kinds of vitiligo.
It is a 308-nm UVB radiation laser that is very efficient in the repigmentation of the skin where it has been become white due to vitiligo. It not only helps stop the unstable vitiligo but at the same time, the affected area starts to regain its original color after some time.


The treatment is effective and renders an enduring pigmentation.

Painless Procedure

The patient passes through it as lightly as air.

Less Time Consuming

The therapy is administered in less than half an hour.


The chemical peel treatment at Skinaa is very affordable.The process is safe and reliable, with no side effects.

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FAQs (Vitiligo Treatment by Excimer Laser)

How Much Time the Excimer Laser Treatment Take?

The treatment can take a few minutes to a few hours depending on the size of vitiligo. The patient needs to come to the clinic at least two times a day for this treatment.

How Many Patients Have You Treated So Far?

At Skinaa, we can say with immense pride that we have treated more than a thousand vitiligo patients. Our vitiligo patients belong to not only small villages of India but also some big cities of the world such as San Francisco.

Is This Treatment Safe?

Yes, it is completely safe with zero side effects.

See the Improvement in Our Patients After Treatment

These are real and genuine before and after pictures of our patients. No matter the problem,
their conditions were significantly improved.


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