Melasma / Pigmentation - Know About Disease, Treatments, & Cost in Tonk

Best Melasma Treatment in Tonk: An Overview

Melasma is a skin condition that causes the skin to go tan. It goes by two more names – ‘chloasma Faciei’ and ‘mask of pregnancy’ especially when women get affected by it. It can be caused either by skin irritation, hormone changes, genetic predisposition, or sun exposure. According to research data, it occurs more frequently in women. The signs may fade slowly but if it doesn’t, taking the best treatment for Melasma from a reputed skin clinic in Tonk becomes highly necessary.

At Skinaa Clinic, we provide the affordable and best treatment for the mask of pregnancy and melasma on face. Our team of dermatologists is one of the best in the entire Tonk. They not only have years of experience and oodles of recognitions, but they are highly capable of diagnosing the symptoms and treating each skin condition from roots.

More Info on Melasma Treatment in Tonk at Skinaa Clinic

At Skinaa Clinic, we have successfully treated over 2000+ patients from Tonk, India, Russia, USA, and China suffering from Melasma condition. The factors that filter us out from the list of mediocre clinics and hospitals are – highly-experienced and friendly doctors, co-operative staff, affordable treatment and very effective treatment.

Which Melasma Treatments are Offered at Skinaa in Tonk? :-

What are the Symptoms of Melasma? :-


What are the Risk Factors and Causes of Melasma?

The exact causes of Melasma are still unclear. It is believed in medical society that individuals with dark skins are more prone to melasma than the ones with fair skin. Often times disbalance in hormones such as Progesterone and Estrogen becomes the core reasons of Melasma. Stress, birth control pills, and thyroid disease may stimulate this condition even more.

Is Melasma Contagious?

Not actually, Melasma is not contagious. However, it can adversely affect your beauty and masculinity. You should get it treated as soon as possible from a great melasma treatment clinic in Tonk to get your original, flawless look back.

How to Diagnose Melasma?

In usual cases, a visual exam of the skin with dark patches is enough to diagnose the condition. However, to make sure and distinguish from other similar problem, your doctor may suggest some specific tests.

Can Melasma be Removed Completely?

Yes, melasma can be treated completely. It can even disappear with time in some cases. But the nature of your condition is strong and spreading, then a dermatologist’s help becomes essential.

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