Hair Fall Treatment in Sirohi by Dermaroller & PRP

Hair Loss Treatment: Cost and Other Info (PRP Treatment for Hair in Sirohi)

When PRP with Dermaroller Treatment can yield sustained results, why fret about hairloss? Opt for PRP for Hair in Sirohi at Skinaa

What is PRP Procedure

The PRP hair loss treatment or therapy in Sirohi (it stands for platelet rich plasma) is a procedure that involves drawing out your own blood and centrifuging so that in the tube the doctors performing it can collect the plasma with the platelets. This plasma that is now isolated is rich in platelets and growth factors, and it has been used by a specific branch of medicine, in tissue regeneration and fast healing of wounds.

When the hair loss treatment PRP is used on the scalp, then the plasma gets injected or rubbed on the head skin (into the balding areas of the scalp), but only after that a dermaroller treatment is performed in the areas which suffer from hair thinning. A PRP session takes about 80 minutes. PRP promotes hair growth and strengthens the hair follicles, which are still productive and doesn’t have any reported side effect, because it involves using your own blood which is naturally very compatible with your own health. Visit Skinaa Clinic, to get the best dermaroller & PRP treatment for hair in Sirohi.

Some More Info About PRP & Dermaroller Treatment for Hair Fall in Sirohi

The PRP treatment basically contains three steps.

  • In the first step, the patient blood is taken.
  • In the second step, the blood is processed to separate the PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) from the blood cells.
  • And in the third step, the separated PRP is injected back into the person’s scalp.

Before injecting the PRP, the dermaroller procedure is applied to artificially & minutely damage the scalp tissues. And when the PRP is injected after dermaroller, the body’s natural response to injury causes the regrowth of new tissues.

Painless Process

Recovering from a PRP session is normally painless.


The procedure gives effective and enduring results.


The process can be combined with other hair loss products for good results.

Enhanced Appearance

It tends to improve hair caliber and growth, thus beautifying appearance.

Have a Skin or Hair Problem?

FAQs (PRP & Dermaroller Treatment for Hair Loss)

Are There Any Side Effects of prp for hair in Sirohi at Skinaa Clinic?

No, at Skinaa Clinic, PRP treatment for hair in Sirohi is free from any side effects. However, your dermatologist will hand you over some aftercare instructions for the treated site. You need to follow them carefully.

How Many Sessions Does PRP Treatment for Hair Loss Have?

The complete procedure comprises almost 6 to 8 sessions. And soon after the second and third sessions, you will begin to see good results.

What is the Cost of PRP Treatment in Sirohi?

The cost of PRP treatment for Hair loss in Sirohi varies as per a number of factors such as the area that needs to be treated. One good way to know about the exact cost of treatment is taking a counseling session with Skinaa’s hair loss expert.

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