Skin Fungal Infection - Know About Disease, Treatments, & Cost in Pratap Nagarat Skinaa Clinic

Best Fungal Infection Treatment in Pratap Nagar: An Overview

Fungal Infections are very common in India and other countries of the world. We live all around fungi without even noticing. And there’s nothing wrong in that because out of a million of fungi species, only 300 are troublesome for humans. Fungi on the skin don’t cause any problems unless they make their way in the skin through a cut or lesion, they get the perfect warm & moist environment to thrive. Fungal Infection may cause low to high itching and other discomforts. It can affect different body parts. At Skinaa, we offer the best Nail, Hair, and Foot Fungus Treatment in Pratap Nagar.

The Skinaa Clinic, being the biggest and the most popular Fungal Disease Clinic in Pratap Nagar ovar is trusted by more than 2 Lakh Patients. Many of them had a different kind of infection on scalp, foot, hands, groins, and nails.

Why Skinaa is Best Fungal Infection Treatment Center in Pratap Nagar? :-


Why is it Important to Visit a Dermatologist for Fungal Infection Treatment in Pratap Nagar?

In the case of fungal infection on body, one simply should not visit a medical store and buy unprescribed ointments or creams. They might worsen the symptoms, delay the treatment, and might cause inflammation. A dermatologist should be your foremost choice because he will examine the infection & determine the exact type of the fungi you have. At Skinaa Clinic, we have the best doctors for fungal infection treatment in Pratap Nagar.

What Fungal Infection Treatments are Offered at Skinaa in Pratap Nagar?

• Hair Fungus Treatment
• Foot Fungus Treatment
• Nail Fungal Infection Treatment
• Ringworm Fungal Infection

Which Doctor should I concern about my Ringworm problem?

In Pratap Nagar and all other cities of the Rajasthan province, Skinaa Clinic is the best skin clinic for the Ringworm problem. There are several dermatologists available to attend to your problem. We house the best dermatologists in India. You can consult any of these doctors without any worry.

How Long do I have to Take Medicine?

The proper treatment for fungal infection can vary from 2 months to 4 months. The factor on which the duration of treatment depends is the location of the infection, the severity of infection, and the immunity of the patient.

What are the Prevention Measures to Get Rid of Fungal Infection?

Moisture is what invites fungi to invade a body part. Hence, being clean and dry is a very important measure to take if you want to avoid such infections in the future. Sometimes doctors also suggest anti-fungal dusting powder.

Can Ringworm Spread?

Of course. Ringworm (fungal infections) is a contagious disease. It will not only grow larger over time if the treatment is not received but it will also spread to other areas of a person’s body. Moreover, there’s a high chance that it can spread to your family members. Thus, never delay in the treatment.

Treatment Skinaa Offers for Fungal/Ringworm in Pratap Nagar

Ringworm Fungal Infection Treatment in Pratap Nagar

Ringworm can occur at any part of your body. However, torso, arms, and legs are the major body parts where it appears. Ringworm can be identified by a newly formed circular red rash on your skin. It spreads if went untreated and cause itch.

Athlete’s Foot Fungus Treatment in Pratap Nagar

When you start to feel a burning and itching sensation between your toes which don’t go away and looks like red, swollen, or rashy skin, its probably Athlete’s Foot. Foot fungus should be treated on the first note. Because it has a tendency to spread to another foot or the entire body.

Hair Fungus Treatment in Pratap Nagar

Ringworm or Fungus on Hair is caused by a species of fungi named dermatophyte. Moisture, dead tissues, skin, hair, and warmth are the top multiplying factors for fungi. And that’s why scalp makes for the best environment for them to grow and spread. Painful scalp, brittle hair, and low-grade fever are some common symptoms of hair fungal infection.

Jock Itch Treatment in Pratap Nagar

If continuous itching starts to feel at the area of groin or thighs, and the skin appears to be red, itchy, and flaky, you probably have Jock Itch to deal with. It spreads very quickly and the burning sensation increases after you exercise.

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