Acne Scar Treatment
Acne scar

Acne Scar Treatment in Jaipur at Skinaa Clinic

From Effective Dermaroller Treatment with PRP, Fractional CO2 Laser to Erbium Fiber Laser,
We Offer the Most Advanced and Affordable Treatments for Acne Scars at Skinaa Clinic.

Darmaroller Treatment For Acne Scar Skinaa clinic

Dermaroller with PRP Treatment

Microneedling with PRP is a cosmetic treatment that stimulates extra collagen production, by rolling fine needling over the skin and applying platelets, which are one of the components of blood. The addition of PRP from the blood may make microneedling more effective.

Fractional CO2 Laser Treatment For Acne Scar

Fractional CO2 Laser Treatment

Fractional Co2 Laser emits a zone of tiny microthermal beams on the treated areas. Thousands of beams with the diameter of a hair will penetrate deep into the layers of your skin creating numerous microscopic thermal injury zones. Once the microscopic injury irritates the skin, collagen production will begin.

ERBM FIBER Treatment For Acne Scar Skinaa clinic

Erbium Fiber Laser Treatment

The non-ablative fractional Erbium Fibre Laser uses a wavelength that does not cause the water in the tissue to evaporate but rather the laser energy warms the tissue in a controlled manner. The rise in temperature encourages neocollagenesis, a process in which new collagen is created by the body. Thus, the skin regains its youthful appearance.


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