Hair Fall Treatment
by Best Hair Specialist Doctor in Jaipur

Hair Fall Treatment by Best Hair Specialist Doctor in Jaipur

Hair Fall

Hair Fall Treatment in Jaipur: An Overview

Hair fall can occur in both men and women. It can affect the scalp and other body parts as well. However, the problem of hair fall usually affects men, it becomes a serious concern when it starts to diminish the attractiveness and confidence of a person. The reasons for baldness can vary from hormonal changes, heredity, lifestyle changes, medications, and many more. When the thought of losing hair continuously sticks to your mind, you should consider the possible Hair loss treatments. Skinaa Clinic houses a team of best hair fall specialists in Jaipur equipped with advanced equipment.

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Symptoms of Hair Fall Problem
  • Slow Thinning of Hair on Top of Head
  • Circular Low-Density Hair Spots
  • Sudden Loss of Hair
  • Full Body Hair Loss
  • Alopecia (Major Hair loss in Certain Patches)
Why Skinaa is Best Hair Fall Treatment Clinic?
  • Best Dermatologists
  • Advanced Equipment
  • Complete Hair Fall Treatment
  • Highest Success Rate in Jaipur

Why is it Important to Visit a Doctor for Hair Fall Problem?

Many people make the mistake of not visiting a dermatologist for hair fall problems and start medications on their own. In some cases, it could return very harmful effects. Why? Because it’s important to know the exact ‘reason’ and ‘type’ of hair fall. Did you know that Hair Fall can be triggered by ringworm, birth control pills, certain nutritional deficiencies, traction alopecia, pregnancy, and many more reasons? Wrong medications can worsen the symptoms. Hence, it better to consult your problem with a dermatologist.

Best Hair Fall Treatment in Jaipur at Skinaa Clinic

Lives of a great many numbers of patients were turned to ‘happy’ from ‘hopeless’ at Skinaa Clinic. Our success rate in baldness treatment is the highest in the entire Jaipur. The primary causes our patients trust us are the use of upgraded machines and treatment methods, and deep analysis of the root of their hair loss problem.

PRP Treatment for Hair Fall in Jaipur

PRP is also known as Platelet-Rich-Plasma. The PRP treatment for hair usually contains three processes. First, the patient’s blood is taken and processed in highly advanced machines to extract growth-boosting plasma from it. Then, this plasma is inserted in the scalp cells to boost the growth of the hair.

Low Light Laser for Hairfall

Also popular with names like cold laser therapy and red light therapy, the L3 is an FDA-proven laser treatment to boost the growth rate of hair follicles as well as to promote the regrowth. In this therapy, photons are irradiated into the scalp tissues. The weak hair cells absorb the photons and become stimulated once again.


If the hair fall issue is not serious enough and if it appears in the analysis that it can be cured by just medicines, then we try to put the patients on prescription for a certain time. If he or she experience improvements, then he needs to follow the revised prescription for a few more days.