Hairfall Treatment
Hair Fall

Hairfall Treatment in Jaipur at Skinaa Clinic

From Effective Dermaroller with PRP Treatment to Low Light Laser Therapy, We Offer the Most
Advanced and Affordable Treatments for Hairfall Problem at Skinaa Clinic.

PRP with Dermaroller treatment

Dermaroller with PRP Treatment

The PRP Treatment is a procedure that involves drawing out your own blood and centrifuging so that in the tube the doctors performing it can collect the plasma with the platelets. The plasma gets injected or rubbed on the headskin, but only after that a dermaroller treatment is performed in the areas which suffer from hair thinning.

Low Light Laser Therapy For Hair Fall skinaa

Low Light Laser Therapy

Low Light Laser Therapy uses devices with diodes that emit infrared radiation and is intended for men and women with thinning hair or pattern baldness caused by a hereditary condition. The Therapy is believed to increase blood flow in the scalp and stimulate metabolism in catagen and telogen follicles resulting in the production of anagen hair.


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