Facial Scars Treatment
Facial Scar

Facial Scars Treatment in Jaipur at Skinaa Clinic

From Effective CO2 Laser to Subsicion Technique, We Offer the Most Advanced and Affordable
Treatments for Facial Scars at Skinaa Clinic.

Co2 Treatmetn For Facial Scars Skinaa Clinic

Carbon Dioxide Laser Therapy

When the concentrated light beam of the laser is focused on the blemished area, it targets the blood vessels under the scar and causes the scar tissue to break apart. It removes the outer layer of the scar. As the top layer of the scar is peeled off, it ameliorates the external look and tone of the skin. It makes the scarred area light and less visible.

Subsicion Treatmetn For Facial Scars Skinaa Clinic

Subsicion Technique

Subsicion is a medical procedure used to treat acne scarring, especially ‘rolling scars’ (distensible, depressed scars with gentle sloping edges). It treats the appearance of scarring from underneath the skin’s surface. If many scars need to be treated, treatment will be divided into multiple sessions.The results of this technique are unrivalled.


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