Best Pigmentation Treatment
in Jaipur

Best pigmentation treatment in Jaipur


Pigmentation: An Overview

You might have heard the term ‘pigmentation’ several times by names. You might have noticed some people have some differently-colored patches on the skin than its usual skin color. That’s pigmentation. It means coloring of the skin due to a disorder that triggers the health of a skin cell which ultimately affects its melanin production. Skinaa clinic is the best pigmentation treatment clinic in Jaipur and staffs some of the highly-renowned pigmentation specialists.

Best Pigmentation Treatment
Types of Pigmentation we Treat
  • Freckles Treatment
  • Age Spots Cure in Jaipur
  • Liver Spots Treatment in Jaipur
  • Plain Old Pigmentation Treatment
  • Irregular Skin Discoloration
  • Inflammatory & Sun Damaged Skin Pigmentation
Why Skinaa Clinic for Skin Pigmentation?
  • Best Dermatologists
  • Advanced Equipment
  • Complete Skin Test
  • Perfect Treatment

How to Get Rid of Hyperpigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation affects the color of your body and in some cases, excessive hair growth in the continuously growing area. While it does not affect one’s health, it can certainly create a barrier in your overall beauty. Darkened skin comes with an ugly factor. There are a number of hyperpigmentation treatments in Jaipur that are offered by Skinaa. It Includes Laser treatment for Pigmentation and chemical peel for pigmentation in Jaipur.

Pigmentation Removal Treatment Offered At Skinaa Clinic

Some people’s skin makes too much melanin and when it goes over the board, clinical treatment for skin pigmentation becomes necessary. At Skinaa Clinic, we house the best dermatologists for Pigmentation in Jaipur.

Chemical Peel

A chemical solution is applied to the skin to make the skin cleaner, less pigmented, and to its original color. After some minutes of applying, it is peeled off. The effects of the peel are slowly perceived.

Carbon Laser for Pigmentation Removal

In CO2 laser or Carbon Laser treatment, we cover the affected area with a layer of carbon. As soon as a beam of the laser is projected upon the thin layer of carbon, the carbon peel absorbs the energy which creates a suction for the damaged upper layer of the skin.


If the pigmentation is not deep and is curable by medicines, we try to put the patients on prescription for a certain time.