IPL Laser Hair Removal Treatment

IPL Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Jaipur at Skinaa Clinic

At Skinaa Clinic, You Can Now Take the Advanced Intense Pulsed Light Hair Removal Treatment
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IPL Hair Removal Treatment in Jaipur

As appears from the name, IPL or Intense Pulsed Light treatment for hair removal work by reducing the hair growth in the chosen area by sending pulses of light. It causes the hair in the area to go weak and eventually fall down while restricting any future growth. Therefore, you get a clean, smooth, hair-free, and shiny skin after the specified number of sessions of IPL. The skin contains Melanin - a pigment that determines your skin color. The same melanin absorbs the pulsed light and starts to move from an active mode to the resting mode.

The Light Pulsed used during the IPL process, usually have a broad spectrum. And that is why it spreads out and cover more area than traditional laser treatments that help reduce body hair. On the other hand, this treatment for laser hair removal is quicker as well. The IPL machine can be set according to a patient’s skin type. Below are the benefits mentions for IPL treatment.


Quick Results

The Results of IPL Hair Removal is Usually Quick


Fewer Sessions

You Need Fewer Sessions of IPL than Laser Treatment


Good For Dark-Skinned People

The Treatment of IPL is Great for People who Have a Dark Skin



The IPL Treatment is Really Very Effective for Everyone


Procedure Rooms


Patients Cured


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